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Out of the Infinity, 3 Great Themes for Art and Writing

Here are three themes which intrigue me from the near-endless scrolling possibilities at WordPress:

Autofocus is a fine site for showcasing artistic works in photos and text. Seems like it could be a great site to construct a personal portfolio sharing photos and texts from different projects or accomplishments in life. Free too.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 4.44.48 PM

I like this theme below called the Writer for sharing just written works. Nice feature of titles with images and then the stories are prominently featured.  It also reminds me of the website The Medium that Kathy and Jenn talked about in class a couple weeks ago where an article or story is featured full across the page.  Cost: $80 but hey, this one may be worth it!

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 4.52.47 PM

How unique is this next theme called Inspiration Laboratory?! What a great example of a theme featuring the artwork and style of a featured artist. It makes me wonder if one could do this with the art work of Matisse? Or, say, with your kids’ art or your own artwork?  Certainly you would want the subject matter of your blog to be well-complemented by the style of the artwork.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 4.56.39 PM

From Boring To Something Fishy? The Endless Theme Search….

I feel like I have looked at hundreds of themes this last week.  My first stated goal was clean and simple.  So I chose as my first theme Twenty Ten I think simply because it looked easy to deal with. Put a nice picture across the top, easy navigation, enough flexibility to make it mine.  I changed my blog to it and realized it was just a little boring for me.  Then I came across Mystique.  Great name, right?  It is a bit more fun and has lots of options.  It  offers layout choices of one, two, or three columns, six color schemes, four footer widget areas, and support for six post formats.   I’m not sure if I need this many choices at this point but it sounds good.  I liked the nice dark border around the outside of the page…it makes me want to read what is inside those borders and makes pictures POP.  Then I ran across Something Fishy.  Wow…a theme that has fish swimming and  bubbles floating as you scroll down the page, and various other sea creatures appearing at random times. Now, isn’t that fun?   I like the casual style of this theme but it may be a little too down-home in the long run.  At the moment my blog has this theme but that will probably change…stay tuned!

Searching for a homepage “hero” image

Since my blog is going to focus on both travel and books, I’ve been thinking about what kind of home page image will encompass both. At first, I thought I’d want something like the temporary image I’ve uploaded–a beach scene because I really love beaches and would be happy traveling around the world looking for interesting ones.

But what I’d really like is something that says both travel and books. When I searched these terms on flickr, I found some interesting images. This first one isn’t quite right. It does look a little too arranged and commercial.

This looks like a bookstore travel shelf.

This looks like a bookstore travel shelf.

The next two I found are closer to what I’m looking for in terms of tone and idea. They’ve inspired me to try to put something together myself. I like the one with the three girls. They look like travelers, but they’re also focusing on reading something.

I map and travel book combo is another interesting idea.  I’d like to try to create a photo with a map, some books, and maybe a few simple objects that you associate with a traveler: a camera, pen, and notebook come to mind.

books and map

I like the variety in this photo

I like this one: They're clearly travelers though the age association isn't quite right for me.

I like this one: They’re clearly travelers though the age association isn’t quite right for me.