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How to make WordPress play to your tune?

The first question that comes to my mind is how can I add some music to my illustration blog? It’s unclear WHY I would want to use music to showcase illustration? Maybe something in line with “this is what I listened to when I worked on this piece”. For fun! For variety! My husband is a sound guy, so every time I try to learn a new skill on the web I think of how I can help him with his website (which is what I will eventually have to do at some point).

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Let Me See that Sidebar Image

For various reasons you may want to add an image in your sidebar that isn’t automatically offered by a theme. It’s a relatively simple process, and only requires the teensiest amount of HTML code. The first few steps you already know how to do: Find an image you want to show off, and add it to your media library, and copy that URL code from your image.

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How to Tell the Difference Between a Widget and a Plug-In

What is the difference between a plugin vs. a widget? To many bloggers, the difference is trivial and the two terms are often used interchangeably. However, plugins and widgets are treated as two distinct functions in WordPress and interact with you and your readers in different ways. If you plan to optimize the back-end of your blog or website, it’s worth brushing up on what each term actually means.  So, let’s start by defining them.

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How to Create a Quick and Dirty Landing Page

This mini-tutorial will teach you how to create a simple landing page for your site while you are tweaking your theme.

Many of us would rather not publicize every tweak and twist of our themes as we work out the kinks of our sites. This tutorial will show you how to create a landing page to capture leads to your mailing list while you perfect your site for the public. SeedProd has created a plug-in called “Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode” that allows you to add a professional landing page to your site while you continue to tweak it.

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How to add “store bought” social media icons on WordPress

A few weeks back when I had first started to use WordPress, I could not figure out how to add social media widgets. So one day as I was browsing  my Instagram account, I came across a cute website account that sells office supplies, media icons and website building services. I bought a set of icons and here is how I installed them the easy way (the instructions they came with were too confusing to me).

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