Participation and Reading, 20%  
Students will receive 10 points for each class where they actively participate, unless it’s clear they haven’t done the reading.

Participation & Reading 20%
Class 1 10
Class 2 10
Class 3 10
Class 4 10
Class 5 10
Class 6 10
Class 7 10
Class 8 10
Class 9 10
Class 10 10
Possible total: 100


Please be advised: UW specifies in their grading rules that you can not earn a passing grade in this class if you miss more than two class sessions.

If you miss a class you cannot acquire points for participation or for in-class assignments. In-class participation and assignments cannot be made up


Writing and Social, 40%  
Assignments that are incomplete, incorrect or error-ridden will not receive all points.

Writing & Social Assignments 40%
Class 1: Twitter setup 10
Class 2:  Three author sites 10
Class 3:  How will you use blog? 10
Class 4:  Flickr setup 10
Class 5: Google+ setup 10
General posts to course blog, 1/4/5 30
Two posts to project blog 20
Possible total 100

Project and WordPress, 40% 

Project-related assignments as listed will account for 20 percent of the grade. The final project document will count for another 20 percent (see below).

Project Assignments 20%
Class 1: setup 5
Class 2: Domain name 10
Class 3: WP themes (post) 10
Class 4: Gravatar setup 10
Class 5: About page 10
Class 6: Outline 10
Class 7: Audience 20
Class 8: Two posts 20
Class 10: Promo post 5
Possible total: 100

The last assignment you will turn in is a blog post that links to your project website.

The website itself will count for 20 percent of your grade. If it is turned in on time and is complete and without major flaws, you will get a baseline of 80 points. You may get additional points for quality, originality, creativity and application of principles we have covered in class as well as demonstrating good understanding of audience and available tools available. Points will be docked for missing deadlines, incomplete work, errors and quality issues.

Final Project Site 20%
Best possible 100

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