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Searching for a homepage “hero” image

Since my blog is going to focus on both travel and books, I’ve been thinking about what kind of home page image will encompass both. At first, I thought I’d want something like the temporary image I’ve uploaded–a beach scene because I really love beaches and would be happy traveling around the world looking for interesting ones.

But what I’d really like is something that says both travel and books. When I searched these terms on flickr, I found some interesting images. This first one isn’t quite right. It does look a little too arranged and commercial.

This looks like a bookstore travel shelf.

This looks like a bookstore travel shelf.

The next two I found are closer to what I’m looking for in terms of tone and idea. They’ve inspired me to try to put something together myself. I like the one with the three girls. They look like travelers, but they’re also focusing on reading something.

I map and travel book combo is another interesting idea.  I’d like to try to create a photo with a map, some books, and maybe a few simple objects that you associate with a traveler: a camera, pen, and notebook come to mind.

books and map

I like the variety in this photo

I like this one: They're clearly travelers though the age association isn't quite right for me.

I like this one: They’re clearly travelers though the age association isn’t quite right for me.