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How I will use Social Media on my Site:

How will Rift Press use social media? Selectively with relevance and focus Relevancy is key. It should have utility or be incredibly entertaining to the audience or it will quickly be deleted or blocked by the reader. We must keep in mind that profits are the driving force of most, if not all social media creators.  So the sites should be used with focused moderation. Too easy to be “hidden” or “blocked” so if you try to do business with it, your stuff won’t be read by those that don’t find it relevant, whether they like it or not. All of us of hidden friends that have abused the social media sites with “spamesque” stuff.

Rift Press will eventually have a Facebook page and Google+ page and the list will go on and on, but it will be a substantive and strategic plan and not done haphazardly.  First we will strive to produce creative, important, relevant and entertaining material that will be attractive in its own right.  If the readers don’t like the creative content produced, they won’t care how many social media sites we are on.

How will I use a blog with my site?

I will have a blog on my site for updating readers about current publications, events, speculative science news, and other press-worthy information. My site will not be blog intensive. The site will be for submission guidelines and links to available products that we have published.  The blog will be updated once or twice a week, or as needed.

My wordpress site is
Rift Publishing House
My Project:
The main purpose of the site is to attract submissions from writers for the current and future topics of Rift PRESS’ QUARTERLY SPECULATIVE SCIENCE journal. The project is to create a blog/site THE SITE WILL FEATURE submission guidelines AND OTHER INFORMATION ABOUT THE JOURNAL. for the speculative science journal.
Looking to attract scientific articles on topic. Each issue OF THE JOURNAL will have one topic. THE first topic will be Astral Travel. After submissions are collected and first journal is in editing, we will create a more robust website in proportion to demands of our niche audience.
Rift Publishing House, LLC aka Rift Press was founded by Dr. Wayne Haley, Kathleen Haley and Charlie Arthur in early 2012 to fill an underserved segment of the publishing community. The flagship publication will be the Journal, a digital journal covering one topic/subject per issue.
Content Plan
To accomplish this tThe site will have current speculative science news, links to articles, submission guidelines, contact information, AND links to interesting websites in the genre. The site will be simple and specific to our topic and our audience. The site will not be used for overly general science information or too busy with buttons for advertising or other products. The journal will be sold on Amazon and iBooks and there will be links to those sites. Content will be provided by Dr. Haley or Mr. Arthur. Also, news feeds. Updating of news should be at least twice daily, but using a RSS feed or equivelant, that should be easy to satisfy.
Home, Submission guidelines, News updates in the fringe and spec. sci arena, pdf’s of sample works, links to other important sites in the genre, facebook and twitter links, contact, about
Competitive Analysis

To find useful and well researched information on speculative science readers scour the internet. The selection of open minded and useful websites dedicated to speculative science are difficult to find. Wikipedia,, thousands of blogs and websites, but very few portals that consider speculative science in a serious fashion. Sites are either “all in” or debunkers. We hope to attract the open minded readers that want to consider the scientific aspects of such topics as astral travel, ufo’s, ghostly phenomena, cryptozoology, transhumanism, and many more topics. We are looking for well documented and researched essays for the journal. We will also publish ebooks for authors if presented with the right product and material.
There are few sites dedicated to serving the audience that The Journal of Speculative Science will attract. There are many sites covering the unscientific aspects of UFO’s, time travel, meditation, past lives, transhumanism, ancient aliens, etc, and many of them do a fine job for the casual reader. None truly cover the scientific side of these topics, which the Journal will accomplish.
Scientific ebook publishers and fringe topic publishers: rank 6 rank 6 rank 7 rank 4
David Icke: rank 1 rank 5 rank 5 rank 4 rank 5 rank 5 rank 1


Arthur creat wordpress n/a day 1-3 yes
sign up for wordpress blog and create account and sign up for hosting
Arthur Sub.guidelines 250-400 week 1 yes
This will be the submission guidelines for the Journal of Speculative Science. This information will be static. There will be a link to a PDF contract that will be required with each submission.
Arthur PDF sub. contract 1 page week 1 no
PDF of submission contract. will be a link on menu and on submission guidelines page
Arthur About 300-500 week 1 yes
Create static page about The Journal and also about Rift
Arthur The Journal 200-400 week 1 yes
Create page about the current issue. Astral Travel.
Arthur News Feed ? week 2 ?
Create colorful and attractive widget for a news feed of relevant scientific articles. Not sure what feed sources.

Marketing will be implemented in the least expensive manner possible during the start up phase. Methods to be employed will include, but not be limited to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, wordpress blog, and linking with other websites in the genre. NEWSLETTER?
A large and powerful portion of our marketing will be through guest appearance on the radio show Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. With an audience of 5+ million listeners, submissions should flow in at a steady pace after the radio appearance.
As the journal begins to sell we will begin other forms of marketing if necessary, but time will tell. If inexpensive forms of media are available we will use them, trying at all times to keep the overhead as low as possible


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